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Launch website of AiNed investment programme

Contemporary Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driven by the massive increase in data and computing power. AI has evolved into a systems technology that enables numerous other innovations. The importance of data and AI is rapidly increasing in all sectors of the economy and society. The growing use of AI in business is changing production methods, service concepts and business models, leading to increased competition but also to new opportunities. At the same time, we see AI making a central contribution to solving a growing number of societal challenges. In line with Dutch and European policy, the AiNed program takes human-centered AI as its starting point.

In the leading group of AI countries

The Netherlands has a good starting position in the field of machine learning, hybrid AI systems and responsible use of AI. But successfully exploiting the potential of AI does not happen by itself. The public-private multi-year program AiNed puts the Netherlands permanently in the leading group of AI countries and makes a major contribution to the international competitive position of the Netherlands. The program enables the Netherlands to keep a strategic grip on how and under what conditions AI is applied.

Website launch

At the end of January 2022, this website was launched that highlights the vision, goals and approach of the AiNed program. This website will be expanded in the coming period with more information, including the calls launched under the AiNed program. Are you interested in the program? Then also read the AiNed publication (at the moment only available in Dutch) and follow the news via this website or LinkedIn and Twitter.

About the AiNed investment program

The AiNed program was developed by the Netherlands AI Coalition and created thanks to contributions from many stakeholders, partners and participants drawn from the AI network and ecosystem of the Netherlands AI Coalition. The Nationaal Groeifonds Fund awarded a grant for phase 1 of the AiNed program. The AiNed program is ambitious and realistic, and can boast broad support from many parties who have expressed their commitment to realisation.