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Dutch AI program for prosperity and well-being

The multi-year public-private investment programme AiNed will help Dutch companies and public institutions to take essential steps with the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that are of great economic and social importance. The uniqueness of the AiNed programme is the integrated approach, tackling bottlenecks in the successful application of AI. The programme follows a broad approach with a focus on prosperity and well-being.

Publication AiNed investment program

We would like to invite you to learn more about the content of the AiNed programme. Therefore, a publication (at the moment only available in Dutch) has been written to provide more insight into the vision, objectives, and approach of the AiNed programme. In this publication you will find more information about for instance the focus areas, the approach, and the sub-programs of the programme.


If you want to stay informed about the developments of the AiNed programme, follow the news on this website or LinkedIn and Twitter. For questions, you can consult the overview of Frequently Asked Questions or contact us via the contact form.