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Call AiNed Fellowship grants to be opened: New programme for attracting AI talent

The Netherlands risks becoming increasingly dependent on foreign parties if it does not possess its own knowledge, education and innovation base in the area of artificial intelligence (AI). The aim of the AiNed sub-programme Fellowship grants of the National Growth Fund programme AiNed is to make Dutch academic knowledge institutions more attractive for exceptional and excellent, internationally sought-after AI research talent.

The AiNed Fellowship grants help knowledge institutions to attract new talents who are usually able to choose between several competitive job offers. The focus is on exceptional AI talents who can be deployed in each AI discipline, from technology to the social sciences and humanities. The Fellowship grants will increase the number of PhDs and postdoc researchers at Dutch academic knowledge institutions who focus on the challenges that are part of the AI research agenda AIREA-NL. The AiNed Fellowship grants from the National Growth Fund programme consolidate the knowledge and education base in the area of AI in the Netherlands and strengthen the national AI ecosystem.

For who?

This sub-programme of the AiNed Fellowship grant programme is geared towards all Dutch universities and the NWO and KNAW institutes. The total grant budget for this sub-programme amounts to almost € 20 million in the first round (2022-2023). It is expected that a maximum of 23 proposals can be awarded funding.


This programme focuses on Dutch academic research organisations that, in line with their strategy, want to invest in attracting AI talent for the position of (tenure track) assistant professor, associate professor or full professor. The AI talent is selected by the research organisation. This programme enables research organisations to offer this AI talent a more attractive starting package. The Call for proposals is open for applications from 5 September 2022Please read more about this call and the submission of proposals at www.nwo.nl/AiNedFellowship.

About the National Growth Fund programme AiNed

This call is part of the AiNed programme approach from the National Growth Fund. This programme has been developed by the Netherlands AI Coalition and promotes the development and application of AI at Dutch companies and government bodies. The public-private multiannual programme AiNed propels the Netherlands into the leading group of AI countries and makes a major contribution to the country’s international competitive position.

About the National Growth Fund

Together with the initiators, the National Growth Fund invests in projects that ensure long-term economic growth. Ultimately, we will all reap the benefits from this because economic growth ensures more income, which means that everybody will have more to spend. And it creates room to continue to invest in healthcare, education and measures against climate change, for example. 

More information

Visit the website of NWO for more information about the call AiNed Fellowship grants.