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AiNed supports four international strategic AI projects

As part of the European Key Digital Technologies (KDT) call 2021, four AI research projects have been selected that receive financial support from the AiNed programme. It concerns four major international strategic projects with input from 15 Dutch partners.

The AiNed program supports the European KDT call, so that more Dutch parties can participate in AI research and innovation projects with European collaboration. The projects are financed with an amount of more than five million euros from the AiNed program and more than five million euros in EU funding.


Without an independent knowledge and innovation base, there is a threat of increasing dependence on foreign parties, especially because AI applications have a self-reinforcing effect. The knowledge base of fundamental and applied research will be strengthened with this call. With the aim of enabling innovative AI applications and placing the Netherlands in the leading group of AI countries.

The selected projects are carried out by European consortia consisting of SMEs, large companies, universities, knowledge institutes and public organizations. It concerns the following projects:

  1. Newlife with the topics eHealth, remote healthcare, medical sensors, ultra-sound monitoring, smart textile, artificial intelligence, machine learning (project size: € 23.7 million).
  2. CLEVERwith the topics Collaborative edge-cLoud continuum and Embedded AI for a Visionary industry of the future. (project size: € 15.6 million).
  3. EdgeAIwith the topic Edge AI Technologies for Optimized Performance Embedded Processing. (project size: € 33.3 million).
  4. REBECCAwith the subject Reconfigurable Heterogeneous Highly Parallel Processing Platform for safe and secure AI (project size: € 15.8 million).

These projects focus on the development of innovative AI technologies and/or deploying AI in an innovative way. They provide demonstrations of the innovative approach in a product or service, and demonstrate the relevance of the AI-based approach to societal challenges. Each project has a valorization plan aimed at bringing the innovative AI technologies to the market or using them. More substantive information about the projects will be made available before the end of the year.

The AiNed program and the Dutch AI Coalition wish the partners in the awarded projects success with the implementation in the coming years: AquaSmart Engineering, Innatere, Itec, Medrecord, Noldus, NXP, Philips, Technolution, Sencure, Signify, Synpopsys, Almende, Imec, TNO and Eindhoven University of Technology.

About the KDT call

The European KDT call takes place from the Horizon Europe Framework Program (HORIZON). This mainly concerns the call 2021-2-RIA-FocusTopic 1 with the research area 'Processing solutions for AI at the edge addressing the design stack and middleware'. Look here for the official press release and a summary of the participants per project. The KDT Call 2022 is currently open and will close on September 21, 2022. See here for more information.