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Pre-announcement call AiNed Fellowship grant

This is the pre-announcement of the AiNed Fellowship grant call. This call is part of the 'knowledge and innovation base' sub-programme of the AiNed programme, in which both technological knowledge and innovations are developed as well as knowledge and methodologies for human centric AI.


Without an independent knowledge and innovation base, there is a risk of increasing dependence on foreign parties. The aim of the Fellowship grants is to make Dutch academic knowledge institutions more attractive to exceptional and excellent AI researchers in view of the international competition to bring in talented individuals. This is about both recruiting new talent and retaining talented researchers who receive competitive international offers.

It focuses on exceptional people with cutting-edge AI knowledge in any AI discipline, from technology to social sciences and humanities. The Fellowship Grants will increase the number of PhD students and postdoctoral researchers at Dutch universities who are focusing on the challenges of AIREA-NL, the Dutch AI research agenda. In the first round, the Fellowship grants are aimed at recruiting new talent, who often receive competitive international offers. Thanks to AiNed Fellowship grants, the knowledge and education base in the field of AI in the Netherlands will be strengthened, and the national ecosystem is reinforced.

For whom?

The AiNed Fellowship grant focuses on all Dutch universities and the NWO and KNAW institutes. The total grant budget will be in the first round (2022-2023) €20 million.


At this moment, the further elaboration for the launch of the call is taking place together with NWO. The date of the call will be announced later on via the website of NWO and AiNed.

National Growth Fund programme AiNed

This call is part of the approach of the AiNed programme. The programme promotes the development and application of AI in Dutch businesses and governments. The long-term public-private programme AiNed is taking the Netherlands into the leading group of AI countries and making a major contribution to the country’s competitive position internationally.

More information

Click here (only available in Dutch) for more information about the objectives and intended results of the AiNed Fellowship grants call. Interested in the overall approach of the AiNed programme? Then please read the programme description (only available in Dutch at the moment).