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Het AiNed programma financiert in de loop van 2023 één ketenproject vanuit de Nationaal Groeifonds middelen. De ontwikkeling van het ketenproject is gestart en er is onder meer een veelgestelde vragenoverzicht opgesteld.
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Gepubliceerd: 07-10-2022
For innovation in AI, it is essential to design technological and non-technological aspects at the same time. That is why Stichting AiNed is introducing a multidisciplinary approach that includes technological, economic, social and legal aspects from the start. It is about the value chain as a whole.
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Gepubliceerd: 23-08-2022
The outcome of the MIT scheme for supporting SMEs’ AI projects is now known. There was a great deal of interest and no less than 85 proposals in total were ranked and reviewed.
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Gepubliceerd: 18-07-2022