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Development of the AiNed Chain Project has started

For innovation in AI, it is essential to design technological and non-technological aspects at the same time. Many innovations are still happening as yet within just one or two organisations although many more parties than that are directly involved in the research, development and application of AI.


That is why Stichting AiNed is introducing a multidisciplinary approach that includes technological, economic, social and legal aspects from the start. It is about the value chain as a whole.

A chain project brings parties together through a sector’s value chain to achieve a breakthrough in an AI application, modelled against an open and transparent market model. A project can only be deemed to be a chain project if those involved in the systems, regulations and science work together to solve a specific market or system failure mechanism when realising an AI application. Hereby focusing on a collaborative model between various parties in the value chain (whether for the data, model or algorithm). That model can then act as a template for the open and transparent market model.

Starting points and selection chain project

The AiNed programme is financing one chain project over the course of 2023 using National Growth Fund resources. The starting point for chain projects and the plan of approach for selecting that one chain project were launched in the Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) Programme Team.


Companies and other organisations that want to launch an initiative or help the chain projects currently under development are advised to study the starting points and the plan of approach (see Information brochure, the format and the FAQ’s (update September 2022)), You can then contact the relevant Netherlands AI Coalition working group or AI hub. of the Netherlands AI Coalition. For selecting the chain project, we will not be using a call via the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) or a tender via the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).