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Stichting AiNed, the AiNed Foundation, was set up to steer the implementation of the AiNed programme. The board of the AiNed Foundation consists of a team with extensive experience in digitalisation and public-private cooperation programmes, who also have the personal goal of accelerating the development and application of AI in the Netherlands.


Inald Lagendijk, Board member Stichting AiNed

Prof. Inald Lagendijk is a ‘Distinguished Professor in Computing-based Society’ at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at Delft University of Technology. Inald has over thirty years of research and teaching experience in digital signal processing, including image and video processing, compression, searching, watermarking and digital content protection. His current research focuses on signal processing and AI, looking at aspects such as protecting privacy, data sharing, transparency and security of algorithms and meaningful human control of autonomous intelligent systems.


“I’m happy to put my many years of experience in leading national and international multidisciplinary research projects to good use in my position as a board member of Stichting AiNed,” says Inald. “Both to help implement the long-term AiNed programme and to let us fully exploit the development and application of AI as a system technology for the Netherlands.”



Sander Ruiter, Director of Stichting AiNed

Sander Ruiter is an experienced programme manager at the cutting edge of digitalisation and public-private partnerships. He is a business expert who graduated from Radboud University Nijmegen on the effectiveness of digital business strategies for CSR (corporate social responsibility). Since then, Sander has been an inspirational professional working on the economic and social issues surrounding the digital transition. He has ten years of experience with central government and over six in the commercial IT sector.


“I’m really enthusiastic about using my experience for implementing the AiNed programme,” says Sander. “As the director, I’m pleased to be working on building up Stichting AiNed, which is tasked with the integral coordination and implementation of the long-term programme.” In recent years, Sander has been involved in the Netherlands AI Coalition as its Coalition Secretary.