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About AiNed

The AiNed programme is helping Dutch companies and public institutions to take essential steps with AI that are economically and socially highly important. The AiNed programme was created thanks to contributions from a large number of stakeholders, partners and participants from the AI network and ecosystem of the Netherlands AI Coalition. The National Growth Fund has allocated a budget of € 204.5 million to the AiNed programme.

Stichting AiNed

Stichting AiNed, the AiNed Foundation, was set up to steer the implementation of the AiNed programme. It has the following responsibilities:

  • Detailing the plans to produce concrete arrangements and calls supported by the National Growth Fund’s AiNed programme.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
  • Continuing development of the integral AiNed programme.
  • Information and external communication about the progress of the AiNed programme.

The Foundation draws up spending plans for phased use of the contribution made to AiNed from the National Growth Fund via the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. The Foundation gives weighty advice about the criteria to be applied for publication and allocation through subsidiy schemes and open calls. The progress monitoring and the advice prepared by the Foundation are the basis for any adjustment of the programme through a learning approach.